Free boiler upgrade for qualifying UK Households with Government ECO (Energy Company Obligation) funding

Combination Benefit 2

Working Tax Credit

Plus one of the following:

Has parental responsibility for a child under 16 that lives at the property

Disabled Worker Element

Aged 60 or over

Combination Benefit 1

Income Related ESA

Income Support

Income Based JSA

Plus one of the following:

Has parental responsibility for a child under 16 that lives at the property

Disability Premium

Receiving a work related activity or support component (applies only to ESA)

Stand Alone Benefit

(no other component required)

Child Tax Credit

(Income must be below £15,860)

Pension Credit

Under the Government’s recently launched Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) which runs alongside the Green Deal, accredited installers have funds provided by the big six energy companies, to cover the cost of a free boiler or free home insulation. The ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme has been introduced to fight fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions and if you qualify, you could have an ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation installed in your home……………. FREE OF CHARGE!

For the purposes of the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme assessment, existing central heating boilers with an energy efficiency level of below 86% (the old band C and below) will qualify for a complete replacement, whilst those with an energy efficiency level of 86% and above will only qualify for repair.

* Please note that ECO Affordable Warmth funding only normally covers the cost of replacing the gas central heating boiler, it does not cover full heating systems, radiators, pumps, control systems or other ancillary materials. If additional work is required, you may be asked to make a contribution to the cost. Also, we have been informed recently that because of the way the amount of money awarded for some jobs is calculated, it may not be economically viable for an installer to carry out the work. This is only occurring in a very small number of cases but consequently some installers are refusing to install a boiler even though the applicant may qualify. In other cases installers are asking for contributions to the cost. If this happens in your case, you can refuse to contribute (but the work may not be carried out), negotiate a lower amount with the installer, or even apply again to get another quotation from a different installer. We advise you to consider your options with care.

Only natural gas-fired central heating boilers are included in this scheme. ECO Affordable Warmth funding does not appear to be available for heating systems which use LPG, oil, coal and other solid fuels, or electricity.

Funding is due to come back soon for the eco scheme, but in the interim the green deal scheme is now available, which should help those of you that do not qualify. Please ask our experienced team for further details on the the green deal and see what it can do for you.

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